Unboxing: Book of the Month July 2018

Time for another Book of the Month! I'm always so excited when I get an email telling me it's time to pick my books! This month I decided I really wanted to just stick to the featured books, as I almost always wish I had gotten another one or two of them. This month's featured … Continue reading Unboxing: Book of the Month July 2018

Unboxing: Whimsify June 2018

Whimsify's June theme was Squad Goals. This sounded like a good theme to try them out on, plus I may have peeked at people's guesses of what the book was, and I wanted it. Sooo yeah. I got it. The book that was included was: Life L1k3! Summary from Goodreads: On a floating junkyard beneath … Continue reading Unboxing: Whimsify June 2018